Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Upgrading RAM - Paging File Settings

Here's a quick video to show how to change the Virtual Paging File size after upgrading RAM.
The video is for Windows XP.

Right click on My Computer-->Properties-->Advanced-->first group of settings-->Settings-->Advanced (again): Virtual Memory

One of the days I hope to get around to posting same for Vista.
Rule of thumb:
Minimum cache size should be about 150% of actual RAM. For maximum, you can pretty much double the minimum.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't let the bad guys in! How to protect your computer...

As usual, haven't been posting when and what I think should go here...

However, due to a new uptick in problems and questions about basic computer protection against viruses, spyware and general bad guys, here are the bare minimums:

You should always have a firewall. (If you don't want to install a third party firewall, at least use Windows' built-in firewall. Do NOT disable it if you have nothing else.) ALWAYS use current, automatically updated antivirus software. ALWAYS use anti-spyware protection. Do not let your PC "go commando." If you do, it will, almost certainly, catch a disease. And it could be quite lethal.

Great, free software to prevent such a nightmare:
AVG's Free Edition (for non-commercial use) You can download it at CNET
Javacoolsoftware's Spywareblaster
safer-networking.org's Spybot Search and Destroy (but don't install the Teatimer option)
I really love SuperAntiSpyware.

If you do not trust these links, go to AVG's website, javacoolsoftware's site , safer-networking.org and superantispyware's site.

These all offer free versions, but some are shareware, meaning these wonderful software writers could use and certainly deserve a donation. But it's not obligatory -- and protecting your computer is.

One last note: If you opt for free versions, ALWAYS do regular manual updates and computer scans on a regular basis. For most users, it is not necessary to do this daily -- but at least once every two to three weeks is a must.

Good luck! - and always use protection!