Friday, April 30, 2010

PDF Maker Stalls / PDF Maker Broke Suddenly

Microsoft Office Add-in, PDF Maker, suddenly stopped functioning. Reinstalling Adobe did not fix the problem, but I solved it with this quick work-around:
When the "save as" dialog box pops up, select "Quick and Simple PDF," instead of the default "Fully Functional PDF."

That made it work.  After doing that once,  the PDF Maker add-in started to work again - even with the "Fully Functional PDF" option.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Firefox Tip: Use Firefox instead of Windows Explorer to browse folders on your computer

Drag a folder from your PC to Firefox - either to a new tab or an open tab:  It's quicker than Explorer and easier on the eyes.

Firefox displays the folders, files - and all the details automatically.  It's faster than Explorer, and saves you sometimes as much as several clicks.

You can browse up the hierarchy to a higher level folder; you can also use the back and forward buttons on the browser; you can drill down by clicking on subfolders. Try it: you'll like it!  It's quick and easy. (Works in Mac's Firefox, too.)