Sunday, June 24, 2007

Earthlink browser "hijack"

In yet a new twist on how to invade our privacy, Earthlink has begun to masquerade as a "search assistant" on computers. Suddenly, when mistyping a URL, you may be surprised to discover Earthlink "suggesting" where you might go to find it.

I would like to "suggest" to Earthlink where it might go.

If you are loath to edit your registry to get rid of this unwanted visitor, download and install the newest Adaware 2007. Get the latest updates and run a scan.

Delete the miscreants. Then restart your computer.

It should be free of search "assistants" after that -- and when you mistype a URL, you should now be relieved to see your old friend and mine: "The page cannot be displayed." Funny -- I never before noticed how very pretty that page is.

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