Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Online Discoveries of the Day

If you don't have a Mac, but wondered how your online pages look on one:
download Safari (Beta version)

I have a Mac -- but this is still pretty neat to have on my PC. Should make my life as a web developer/designer a bit easier.

My second discovery this morning was Eons, the Facebook for Boomers. Personally, I'm a bit shy about these online exchanges, but know it's important to explore and get comfortable with. To anyone of a certain age who has or ever may have a professional online presence: we ignore these at our peril. Not that I would ever use such a forum to shamelessly self-promote....
But perhaps you might like to :-) Just do it carefully, and don't get caught - or you'll get TOS'd out (i.e., to the uninitiated: banned for violating Terms Of Service).

Of course a more appropriate place for this is LinkedIn fo those looking for a job or contract.

Best of luck!

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