Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just adding a P.S. to my blog posted on June 28 - the day before iPhone's very public debut...

Watched the well-respected Walt Mossberg on Charlie Rose on Friday evening - who must have read my blog :-)

It's a thing of beauty, he confirmed -- but if you live in New York City, or anywhere else that has bad reception or cell problems with AT&T (formerly Cingular) -- you might want to wait before pinning your business calls to an iPhone.

Other flaws revealed: Keyboard (smooth glass interface - no keys to depress) - took the estimable Mr. Mossberg about five days to conquer -- though after that he was pleased enough. No GPS. No instant messaging (You can text message.)

And though it has a wondrous wifi capability, when there is no wifi network around (as, for example, in a bus or a cab), you must depend on AT&T's Edge technology.

Edge, evidently, does not mean "leading edge" -- more like the edge you're likely to leap off when it takes a web page 50 seconds -- or even TWO (count 'em 1...2) MINUTES to load.

Well, you don't have to shell out $600 for the iPhone - you can get the cheap model for a mere pittance: $500.

I still think I'll wait (and I don't mean in line, overnight, on the sidewalk outside the Apple store.)

(Didn't find the Charlie Rose interview from a few hours ago posted on the net -- though it's probably there... but almost as good, I've got the scintillating Mr. Mossberg alone with his iPhone.)

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